Managing Events

This section explains how you can set-up and manage events including:- event creation, adding and changing invites, recording attendance, adding results and reviewing results.


Step by Step

Create an Event

Describes how to create an event in Team Grader & the various event options & actions that are available. (Video length - 4 mins)


Adding invites to an event

Describes the options for adding invites to an event. Options include 1) Online Registration 2) Load from an age group 3) Select players flagged for callback 4) Select a team or 5) Manually adding players. This video describes when to use each option and how to select the option in the app.For callback events, see the callback video at the bottom of this page. (Video length - 10 mins)


Changing invitees & their details

Describes the options for deleting invites & updating participant details. (Video length - 2 mins)


The Id number and reallocating Ids

Describes the use of the id number and when / how to reallocate id numbers to players. (Video length - 3 mins)


Event Management

Describes how to use the app to communicate with participants and how to cancel, reschedule events and export event details. (Video length - 5 mins)



Callback Events

A callback event is a 2nd (or 3rd/4th) grading event that focuses on a subset of players identified earlier in the grading process. The video shows the options for creating callback events - either from a previous grading session or by selecting from provisional teams. (Video length - 5 mins)



Organising events for large age groups

For large clubs, with large numbers of children in one age group e.g >50, it may not be possible to grade all the children together in one session. This video explains how Team Grader can help by creating and managing multiple events per age group. (Video length - 4 mins)



About Team Grader

Established in 2014, Team Grader is based in Sydney, Australia

Team Grader has been developed in conjunction with Lindfield FC on Sydney's North Shore

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