Team Grader has 3 main functions that support clubs through the process of managing registrations, running grading/trial events and assigning players to teams. At the end of the season, Team Grader makes the process of capturing player feeback easy. This feedback is then available the following season to assist with the grading process.

For an overview of the end to end process in Team Grader, click on the short video at the bottom of the page


There are many options for players to register for a trial or grading event:-

1) Players can register online for a trial, 2) Players can be assigned to an event when they have registered for the season, or 3) Players can be manually entered into the system.

Custom uploads from your national or local association are also possible - already available is an automatic load from MyFootballClub in Australia.

Running Grading

Team Grader comes with a pre-defined grading process (for any team sport) which can be tailored for your club.

Run grading in a fully electornic way (with scores recorded on an iphone in real-time) or use the supplied paper forms and enter the data later.

Review and sort results in Team Grader and select players for a 2nd grading session or trial game.

Team Assignment

Review all players in an age group and easily assign them to a team.

Use the average grading score for the player as a guide, easily review player history and player notes e.g play with friends requests, to assist with team assignment.

Export provisional and final teams to MS-Excel for easy publishing.

Player History

As the end of the season, managers and coaches can record feedback on players online for use the following season.

For representative teams:- access player history from their local club as part of the trial process (with the player's permission).

Feeback details can be customised based on the sport e.g. the names of positions.

Video 2 - The Grading Process

Watch the video below to get an overview of the Grading Trial Process & how a Grading Session is run



Video 3 - The Grading Form & Scoring

Watch the video below to understand how to use the grading forms for single drills and multiple drills & how the scoring system works.


About Team Grader

Established in 2014, Team Grader is based in Sydney, Australia

Team Grader has been developed in conjunction with Lindfield FC on Sydney's North Shore

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