Player History

This section explains how to create and view player history. The vidoes show how to create player feedback from within the app and online and how to view a complete history for a player - including grading results and end of season feedback. The vidoes also describe how to request access and grant access to player history at other clubs.


Step by Step

Entering Player Feedback in the App

Describes how to enter player feedback within the Team Grader app. (Video length - 4 mins)


Entering Player Feedback Online

Describes how to enter player feedback from a dedicated club webpage, accessed by managers and coaches. (Video length - 2 mins)


Viewing Player History

Shows how to access a player's history from the results view and individual player details view. (Video length - 2 mins)


Requesting & Viewing Player History at other clubs

Describes how to find a player and request access to their history (at a different club). The video then shows how to grant access to a player's history, when requested by another club and then how to view the player history. (Video length - 4 mins)


About Team Grader

Established in 2014, Team Grader is based in Sydney, Australia

Team Grader has been developed in conjunction with Lindfield FC on Sydney's North Shore

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